Shop Differently

You feel better when you help a friend right? Theres a warm sensation that engulfs you, it makes you know you’re doing something right, that’s what Shop Differently is, it’s that same mentality towards an entire industry.


Right now, Fast-Fashion is this horrible pop culture fuelled monster. It supports inhumane work environments, copy & paste design - this is large companies mimicking actual creatives works, right up to the point of confusion, and when someone speaks up, lawsuit upon lawsuit is thrown at them. It’s suffocating and controlling what should be independent design.


So what we’re doing is helping the smaller people, the creatives, the influential, the designers, the ‘different’.


We know there can always be a cheaper option, we just want to support a change, so each designer we showcase brings something different, they bring a story, a passion & a reason to Shop Differently.



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By Cameron / Lonelie